Boys Varsity Bowling, Girls Varsity Bowling · Deloy Johnson steps down as Bowling Coach

Deloy Johnson took over the high school bowling program in 2014 when his daughters bowling coach unexpectedly resigned right before the season was set to start. Johnson and his wife, Sandy, decided to step up and coach temporarily so the school could keep its bowling program. Four years have gone by and Deloy and Sandy Johnson have decided to step down and leave the coaching opportunity open for someone else. Johnson said, “After fours years of building the program and providing consistency for the students, we feel the program is now ready for the type of coach that can take the bowlers to the next level in their bowling.  That is our hope for the program- that it continues and grows even more!”

Deloy and Sandy have been incredible coaches and have poured themselves into the program. AD Kara Haskill said about the Johnsons, “Deloy and Sandy are exactly the kind of people you want mentoring young minds, they are kind, patient, encouraging, and always up for a challenge. They have made a great team over the years and together they saved and grew the bowling program. Deloy and Sandy really took initiative and represented the school well. They will be missed and the school is so grateful for their four years of service.”

Looking back on his coaching career, Deloy said “The best part of coaching at the Potter’s House is the culture and the kids.  We truly do love these kids!  And, while athletics continues to grow at The Potter’s House, the focus is still on students first and then athletics.  It’s not all about winning at the Potter’s House but it’s more important for the kids to grow themselves, including life skills and what that means as a Christian.  With bowling being a sport the students can participate throughout their life, it is great to see them get into to it, embrace it and be able to take that with them after Potter’s House. We are so grateful for these past 4 years.  It has been a huge blessing in our lives and we are sure we will still show up at some bowling matches!”

The search for a new head bowling coach has begun. Please send any referrals to

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